3 Crucial Suggestions Regarding Marketing with Twitter

3 Suggestions Regarding Marketing with Twitter[share_content id=1382]Expressing the things you want to say is quite difficult if you are only allowed to do it using 140 characters, but the growing number of Twitter users demonstrates that a lot of mobile device owners are still charmed by this social media site. Because of the online traffic that goes to the platform on a daily basis, some entrepreneurs are starting to see its value as a digital place to advertise their businesses. Thus, below are three suggestions regarding marketing with Twitter.

  1. Shape Up Your Bio

When people begin stumbling into your account, the first things they will be looking at are the profile picture and the short biographical description close to it. The former can simply be the brand logo, yet you have to put much thought on how you will introduce the company in such a small space. A friendly tip? It has to read better than merely ‘entrepreneur’ or ‘selling shoes’ for the viewers to be enticed to browse through the images or texts you have tweeted.

  1. Integrate Trending Hashtags

There are many trending topics on Twitter which typically have a pound symbol attached to it. Including these popular hashtags to your posts every day without the consumer’s feeling like they are just added to make the user more visible to potential clients, however, is an absolute must.

  1. Try to Re-tweet and Favorite Tweets

Twitter has certain features that lets users to re-tweet others’ content or ‘Favorite’ them, which is the counterpart of Facebook’s Likes. After following the strong figures within the same industry that you wish to enter, you can hit either button so that your Twitter handle can automatically be connected to these people, and their own followers get to notice your account and hopefully turn into customers.

There is still time. Market your business with Twitter now.[/share_content]