3 Tips On How To Make Marketing On Youtube AmazingYouTube is the biggest platform for sharing video files, where over 3 billion views is created daily. In fact more than 35 hours of material is added to this social network every hour. However, despite these incredible facts, there are business people that haven’t fully used all the advantages of YouTube¬†marketing. Most people love to learn more information about a certain service or a product by watching a video rather than reading a text. The single fact that video creates unique content helps their rankings on the search engines.

Google Panda Update shows that websites that use video marketing, had higher positions than those using only text. There’s a number of examples that prove this, but the bottom line is that the use of video and promotion through social network marketing is a valuable option for your promotion. With this in mind, we bring you 3 tips for amazing marketing on YouTube.

Tip 1 – Q&A Video

What are the 10 most common questions about your business, Find out which questions are those, and then use YouTube for marketing and upload a video on your page. Maybe text is easier to create, but creating a video to provide answers is more powerful. This way, you will add extra value to your answers. Think of it as creating TV commercials that won’t be shown on TV but instead will be shown on your website. If you have enough money you can hire professionals that will greatly facilitate and speed up the work.

Tip 2 – User Testimonial

We’ve all seen testimonials such as: “This is the best product on the planet!” What do you think about this testimony, Try using YouTube for marketing to create much more convincing user testimonial of your products and services. Anyone can write one, but making a video file is very convincing and authentic.

Tip 3 – Demonstration of Products

If you want to sell a product, you can take advantage of YouTube to promote the product and give user experience to understand first hand how the product will help them. Simply reading about the product features in the form of sentences makes the product lose its luster. But when you watch a video that really shows the benefits and advantages of the product and how it’s used properly is much better. Words speak but the video sells!

Using YouTube for marketing is amazing! People learn visually. Video provides the best explanation, demonstration and gives the best answers. By providing demonstrations and a virtual tour, sharing testimonials and answering questions, you create tremendous trust and credibility with your clients, even before you meet them!

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