Pinterest, without a doubt, does not discriminate regarding who can make an account on the website. Whether you are a blogging enthusiast or an entrepreneur who has more products and services to provide, or a consumer who wants to see new ideas about different matters or use your purchasing power, this search engine has room for you. What you have to know now is how to create your Pinterest account.

For Personal Purposes

#1: Sign Up

Enter your e-mail address, username, age, and gender. Click ‘Sign Up.’

#2: Set Up the Profile

In this section, you can add a profile picture, address, and biographical description. You may also choose to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to it or keep it away from the public’s view.

For Business Purposes

#1: Register

You will have to key in the similar details as in the first part of a personal account. The difference is that you need to indicate the name and type of the business before continuing to the next page.

#2: Customize the Profile

When you set up your profile, the photo can be no longer a selfie or any unprofessional image since it is the first thing that the viewers will notice. If possible, use the brand logo before you can think of changing it into a snap of your product, for instance.

It is a must to include your website in the description box and some keywords that will direct the right consumers to your page. By authorizing the addition of your website to the Pinterest account, you get to analyze how each post is doing online.

Another tip is to obtain the save button so that the customers can quickly take note of it after seeing any of your images.

Personal or business account in Pinterest? Opt for what’s best for your and become a part of the fastest growing search engine now!

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