4 Ways To Get More Shares For Your Youtube VideosIf you are one of those people that have already tried a lot of things in order to boost your YouTube views, but you haven’t really gained the shares you wanted, read the following ideas on how to get more shares for your YouTube videos.

Gain more Subscribers

The best way to get more shares on your YouTube videos is to have more subscribers. When someone subscribes to you, all of your new uploads will show up on their homepage and they may even subscribe in order to be notified by email when you come up with something new. But how do you get new subscribers, Of course you need upload amazing content on a regular basis. But apart from that a good idea is to ask them through your videos to subscribe. This is because a lot of viewers don’t think about subscribing to anyone at all, but if an annotation just comes up on their screen reminding them to do so, they will be more likely to click through to subscribe to your future videos.

Use bulletins

YouTube bulletins were introduced about 2 years ago and it’s one of the best ways for you to use in order to make more people share your contents. More specifically, as you build up your subscriber base, it’s crucial to be able to communicate with your followers; you can do this through bulletins, by sending out videos as well as text to all your subscribers and the bulletins automatically appear on the homepage of your subscribers. So, keep sending out bulletins, in order to let your followers know that you uploaded new content.

Get video responses

Another very effective way by which you can get more shares on your YouTube videos is by posting them as video responses on more popular related videos. You can do this very easily and this can actually get you more clicks and shares, if you post it to the right video. For example, first you need to go to the video you would like to post your own response. Next to the comment box you have to click on ‘Create a video response’ and you’ll directed to a page that lists all your videos and you’ll just have to click on the one you want.

Insert keywords

The best way for people to find you is through keywords. Keep in mind also that YouTube is the No.2 search engine in the world, behind Google. For example, you can insert keywords into your video title when they are relevant. You can choose a descriptive title, that will help people to immediately understand what your video is all about. This way you’ll be able to generate more traffic for your YouTube uploads.

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