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Emotional Marketing Online

Everything you do online can incorporate emotional marketing techniques. It doesn’t matter if it’s text, images, audio or visual in the form of video. First, let’s talk a bit about the various

  • In the End, Be Sure to do THIS One Thing – (TikTok For Business)

    A TikTok account is a smart business tool and can create profitable connections, content, and collaborations. It’s important to be business-minded when using any tool. Making important business decisions will ensure your time on TikTok is targeted to your ideal customer. Your efforts should be serious but, in the end,

  • tiktok for business

    6 Tips to Set Up Your TikTok for Financial Success

    If you’re a newbie to TikTok, that could be a very good thing. If you haven’t set up your account, you are in a perfect position to get proper information that sets your account up for financial success. Starting from scratch can be advantageous so you can set about building

  • utilize the bio section of your TikTok account

    Link to your Etsy Shop, Website, and Other Links that Make you Money (TikTok Marketing)

    There are a lot of ways to profit from a solid TikTok account. Some content creators aren’t technically in it for business, but they have such loyal and rabid fans that they often receive “happy mail” or donations to encourage them to keep creating. Ultimately, some of the most popular

  • TikTok is More Than Dancing and Comedy Bits

    Not all Profit is $- Hidden Resources on the TikTok App

    When it comes to business, the bottom line tends to be profit. Why else would you be in business if it isn’t to make money? Well, not all profit is money. Sometimes there are hidden resources that are as good as…or better, than money. TikTok has the potential to create

Web Development - HTML / CSS From Scratch

Multiple flexible User Options

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Stock Market Basics - Technical Analysis

Flexible and User Friendly

This course is designed to be used from start to finish but feel free to jump around and go through whatever video you find useful or helpful to you at the time.

Amazon FBA Basics For Beginners

Robust and Secure coding

All this...for FREE! (but remember this is only an introduction to selling with Amazon FBA course)

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