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TikTok is a social networking platform where content producers can share anything they want. It’s quite remarkable how varied the content is which is delivered by an ever-changing algorithm that learns more and more about you and your interests during each session.

TikTok has two feeds that supply videos to your app. The For You feed are suggested accounts that you may have interest in based on your preferences or past viewing habits. Your Following feed is filled with accounts you are subscribed to that have released fresh content. You can toggle back and forth between the two with ease.

Focus on High-Quality, Consistent Content to Build Your Platform

When creating an account, the focus should be on high-quality content that is consistent with your brand and delivered on a routine basis. The two can lead to a large and engaging following. When it comes to using TikTk for business and generating income, the focus should be on content that is logical to your followers. Since they may find your account from their For You feed, they may make the decision to follow you, or not, based on one encounter. That means if your account is geared towards education about a topic or teaching a technique and you release a random video about tuna fish, you may lose a potential ideal follower for your account.

For best results, your account should host videos that are consistent with your message. If you are teaching about a subject, stick with it and don’t get off subject or you may confuse or lose followers.

Use TikTok Live to Build the Know, Like, and Trust Factor

Host TikTok Lives to Build Know, Like, and TrustOnce you’ve established yourself as an expert or entertainer, you can boost your credibility and the fanfare of your account by hosting TikTok lives. These are live feeds where your followers can engage with you in real time and ask questions or see a side of you they may not see in the video content.

TikTok lives are a great way to show your personality outside of your business persona or to build relationships with the people who are following you. Giving them shout outs, undivided attention, or otherwise engaging with them can make you more appealing and set you apart. This can help you reach many people at one time and increase their impression of you and their willingness to work with you, buy your products or merchandise.

The TikTok live feature is a wonderful way to engage with your followers and increase how much they know about you, like, you and trust what you have to say. It’s an excellent investment in shifting followers from watchers to customers.


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