utilize the bio section of your TikTok account

Link to your Etsy Shop, Website, and Other Links that Make you Money (TikTok Marketing)

There are a lot of ways to profit from a solid TikTok account. Some content creators aren’t technically in it for business, but they have such loyal and rabid fans that they often receive “happy mail” or donations to encourage them to keep creating. Ultimately, some of the most popular content creators end up creating “merch” or branded products to offer their followers. Whether you use TikTok for personal or business use, there are a lot of ways to use your profile for profits.

Your Bio Is Important Real Estate

tiktok liveYour bio is an important part of your TikTok account. You can list a brief description of your qualifications, intent for your account or anything that helps a follower identify you and what you do. You can also link to your Instagram account or a website. Choose your links carefully to make sure they lead to the most profitable ways to connect.

Share Links to your Money-Making Sources

Etsy If you are a creator, Etsy is a great way to drive followers to your goods. You can easily create TikTok’s of yourself creating something and encourage followers to head to your Etsy account to place an order.

Website– If you have multiple resources, link to your website and create a landing page with other links to your business assets. From one link your followers can access a variety of links or a landing page with one call to action.

Linktree or LIKEtoKNOW.it– These platforms offer you a way to direct followers to content you have affiliate links for. These are great for apps like TikTok and Instagram that only allow one link in the bio. You can use your social networking platform to generate a buzz or excitement about products you use and give followers a way to buy them, earning you a commission and passive income.

Important note: Not all links will be available to every account. Some links require a minimum of 1000 followers or more before you can use some commission-based links. The good news is, TikTok has lower follower minimums than other platforms like Instagram. Use your account in the meantime to build your followers and share valuable content so you reach the minimum number of subscribers fast.

You can utilize the bio section of your TikTok account to create access to more information about you and your business and offer opportunities to profit. Be strategic with your bio. Make sure it’s catchy, informative, and shares the information that gives you credibility and sets you apart from other creators.

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