TikTok is More Than Dancing and Comedy Bits

Not all Profit is $- Hidden Resources on the TikTok App

TikTok AppWhen it comes to business, the bottom line tends to be profit. Why else would you be in business if it isn’t to make money? Well, not all profit is money. Sometimes there are hidden resources that are as good as…or better, than money.

TikTok has the potential to create a buzz about you and your goods and services. These can lead to resources that you may not have imagined. Some TikTok influencers have seen rampant and unexpected benefits that have incredible value. Take a look-

Mikayla Nogueira- Makeup artist influencer: Mikayla started out on TikTok simply as someone who loves makeup. She began an Instagram account sharing tutorials in 2013 and only gained 43k followers. On Tik Tok she has amassed over 3.7 Million followers. Since coming to TikTok, she has earned over a million in income, products and other goods and services.

Mikayla has not only monetized her TikTok account she has benefitted from hidden resources like free products, collaborations, and exposure to people in her industry she would not otherwise been able to access. She is now beginning to branch out into other areas of interest to her followers including mental health issues she manages.

DogFace- One TikTok account took the world by storm with a simple video showcasing Nathan Apodaca drinking Ocean Spray cranberry juice cocktail while riding a skateboard with Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams playing in the background. The back story was his car broke down on the way to work and he simply wasn’t going to let his situation get the best of him. Well, his zen-like attitude catapulted him to Tik Tok fame triggering a series of copy-cat videos with some pretty famous people. Ultimately, he was given a new truck from Ocean Spray after his video caused a spike in consumption of their product.

While the majority of videos do not go viral, many do. It isn’t unusual to get thousands of views on videos and the ratio of influencers on TikTok tends to be higher than other platforms as in Mikayla’s case where she had infinitely more traction on Tik Tok than Instagram.

While it is possible to earn income from TikTok app, some people link their Venmo and other cash app accounts, there are also other benefits that may not translate to dollars in your bank account but can be equally lucrative. Here are some benefits you may not want to pass up-

  • * Merchandise from companies you endorse
    * Collaborations with other influencers
    * Donations
    * Growing accounts and selling them

There are a lot of possibilities to generate income and other resources from TikTok. Developing your account could lead to a profitable experience.


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